Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Mother's Plea For Help To Find Her Son!

Posted by: ViewFinder 8/26/12

While walking through Liberty Park on Sunday afternoon I came across Cindy Putnam.  I watched from a
distance as she passed out colored fliers with information about her son who has been missing now for six weeks.  Robin Putnam was living in California, maintaining a normal life, had a job at a small coffee shop- then one day experienced a significant panic/anxiety episode.

Video Interview with Cindy Putnam

Robin was spotted on the train from California to Utah, and then again spotted in Murray and Sandy Utah about a week ago.  Robin was also spotted at Liberty Park, in Salt Lake City, UT on Sunday 8/19/12.  It is believed that Robin exited the train in Salt Lake during a lay over and never made it back on the train before it left.  Robin left all his belongings behind, including his identification.  

Those that have seen him say that he is not asking for help from anyone but people are offering him help as he has the appearance that he is starving.  

Robin's family is desperate to find him and ensure that he is well.  Words can not express how desperate a mother can be to find the peace she needs when a child is missing- even if they are an adult.  

If anyone has seen Robin or knows where to find him please contact the family as soon as possible.  Robin's mother is returning to Colorado Monday morning and asks that if you do find Robin that you please contact their family friend Ken- 801-859-4144 immediately.

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