Thursday, 23 August 2012

Silver Lake August 2012

 A Photo Blog posted by: ViewFinder 8/22/12 (photographs from 8/17/12)

In an attempt to escape the smoke filled valley air I buckled my seat belt and drove the 2-15 belt route heading East towards the Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Taking the Brighton Ski Resort exit I made my way through the winding roads and slow speed zones, at points sitting still as the road had been reduced to one lane due to construction crews at work... YES on a SATURDAY!

With sandwiches, a small sack of grapes and my steel reusable water can to accompany my lovely lunch packed in my new hiking pack I remembered to grab a spare battery for my camera.  Luckily for me I ran back in the house and retrieved it as I most certainly did have to change out the battery on this excursion.  Turning into the Silver Lake parking lot I was surprised at the amount of visitors to the site, apparently I wasn't the only one seeking refuge from the polluted breathing.

My eyes thoroughly enjoyed the lovely walk around the lake, and a short venture off the main path into the woods in an attempt to capture my first photographic image of a moose calf.  In all honesty this was my first photograph of any moose, period!  I was filled with adrenaline as I hunted it down, holding my breath at moments so as to listen for any slight sound the creature would make- giving away it's location.  After just a few moments I hit my stroke of luck and spotted the calf about 10 yards away.  Quietly I made my way closer, slowly approaching the calf.  Many times it looked up at me then returned to munching on the shrubs and tall grasses.  After almost one-hundred photographs I found my way back to the path where just feet from me  a bull moose walked from the forest, across the path and out into the tall grasses surrounding the lake.  My heart practically pounding in my ears from the pure rush of seeing this enormous and magnificent creature I gathered my senses and began photographing.  Of all my adventures this may be my most exciting as I have never been so close to such a large and wild creature in it's natural environment.

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  1. A sincere apology for my absence as of late. I have been consumed with readying my family for the new school year and soaking up as much adventure before the summer ends and our weekends are filled with test preparation and reading drills.