Sunday, 2 September 2012

Peacocks Need Protection From HUMAN Predators

A Photo Blog Posted by: ViewFinder 9/2/2012

On a "fun family adventure" this afternoon we wandered in the entrance of the Tracy Aviary found on the South West side of Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  The foliage and the fowl were all stunningly beautiful... the human predator... NOT SO LOVELY!

 Despite my MULTIPLE attempts to get this young boys attention he refused to discontinue his harrassment of this beautiful bird.

 After yelling at him a minimum of three times, (once screaming at him to "put the stick down RIGHT NOW!") I finally asked the other boys he was with, where their parents were.  Around the corner enjoying the site of vulturs tearing apart their pre-killed mice, were the parents of this young predator.  As I approached I asked the woman if the boy in the blue shirt was her son... jokingly she responded... "depends on what he has done".  I did not find the humor and explained he was stalking, chasing, and threatening the peacock and if they did not find a way to make the boy stop I would find someone who would!

According to the Tracy Aviary website these birds are content to remain free roaming and fully flighted wherever they have adequate food and protection from predators, such as at Tracy Aviary.

"Protection from predators, such as at Tracy Aviary."  I find this statement inappropriate.

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