Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What's Love Got To Do With It?

posted 9/4/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

Mia Love has become quite the interesting Republican as of late. Recently elected Mayor of Sarasota Springs, Utah, she gave an enthusiastically received speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. Go ahead and watch the whole thing:

What makes Love worthy of attention in this, Your Journal of Note, is that she is both the first black female mayor in Utah's history, a noted wingnut, and a figure we're likely to see quite a bit of in Utah's future. Let's break that down.

First black female Mayor in Utah's history - that's solid. A noted wingnut?

In a mailer that my parents got from Jason Chaffetz AND Mia Love (bonus!) looking for funds, Chaffetz headlined his letter "Dear Fellow Conservatives,..." while Mia courageously titled her follow-up "Dear Patriots,..."

Ms. Love went on to assail President Obama as the "Food Stamp President," which is (forgive the phrase) pretty balls-out for a black, female Republican, given that "Food Stamps President" is a pretty blatant dog-whistle.

Called our first black President "the Food Stamp President" in a Republican mailer
So between "doesn't believe in the American Dream" and "Food Stamp President," are we picking up a particular pattern of pandering, if you will, from Mia Love?

Who the hell IS Mia Love, anyway?

Mia Love was born Ludmya Bordeaux to Haitian parents in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Connecticut. She met her husband, Jason Love, when he was on an LDS mission in Connecticut. Bordeaux moved to Utah, converted to Mormonism, and married Love. The Loves have three youngsters.

After a brief career in the private sector (including a stint as a flight attendant) Love entered politics as a City Councilwoman in Saratoga Springs, one of the most recently founded towns in Utah. She then ran for - and won - the office of Mayor. One of her most noted accomplishments in Saratoga Springs was the establishment of an astonishingly high (for a Republican) property tax hike when she was on the City Council ( 24 percent! ).

This 24% tax increase has led to enormous disgruntlement from Tea Party types in Utah, but the troops seem to be rallying around Love now that she is running against Congressman Jim Matheson for national office. If elected, Love would be the first black Republican Congresswoman.

Recent stops from John McCain and John Boehner, and an endorsement from Ann Romney, have helped her cause, but she still trails fifteen points behind Matheson, and is getting  wiped out  in fundraising. Of course - the last time either of those statistics were measured was before her highly-publicized speech at the RNC.

So - Mia Love is a rising Republican star, and quite possibly Utah's next Congresswoman. Believe you me - we'll be seeing more of her in the future, and I'll be keeping an eye on her.

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