Monday, 22 October 2012

In Which I Heartily Endorse "Buke And Gase"

posted on 10/22/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

I like to while away the lonely hours of my days by occasionally (read: obsessively) listening to WNYC's wonderful program RadioLab ( here ).

RadioLab featured a podcast in April called "The Loudest Miniature Fuzz" ( link ) about the music of Buke and Gase ( link ).

Buke and Gass are Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez. Hailing from Brooklyn, the duo (who actually used to be a couple but are now strictly musical partners and friends) are notable for a few things.

First off, the instruments they play. The name "Buke and Gase" comes from the two primary instruments they use: a modified six-string baritone ukulele (a "buke") and a guitar-bass hybrid (a "gase"). In addition, Sanchez stomps on a kick drum with an attached cymbal and Dyer shakes an anklet of bells in time to their music. This is pretty impressive considering the idiosyncratic time signatures they prefer, and the rapid changes in tempo and beat that they prefer.

Buke and Gase's music has a nervous, scurrying quality. The rapid shifts in tempo and beat I mentioned are interlaced with fascinating counterpoint sounds from the home-made instruments, and pierced by shrill (but lovely) vocal yelps from Dyer.

So far, Buke and Gass put out one original EP ("+/-," 2008), one LP ("Riposte," 2010), and released their newest EP this year ("Function Falls," 2012).

While predecessors like Deerhoof have mined the same vein of anxiety-infused, panicked and shifting rock and roll, Buke and Gase bring more than their Frankenstein instruments to the mix. Dyer is a lyricist who
communicates in dark little fairy tales. Her voice reminds me Melora Creager from Rasputina.

Have a listen:

It is with great pride that Salt City Sinner (both myself and this site) enthusiastically endorse Buke and Gase for your ear-holes. Go buy some ( link ) - you can also listen for free at their page.

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