Sunday, 28 October 2012

Witches Night Out 2012

During the month of October Gardner Village, located in West Jordan Utah, shares the Halloween Holiday Spirit in a fun and exciting way with WITCHFEST!
 Calendar of Events for Witchfest

Several nights during October the village "Gathering Place" hosts an evening dinner show "Witchapalooza" where guests can enjoy a lovely meal and a wickedly entertaining theatrical perfomace.

As you enter the front doors of the Gathering Place you are greeted with amazing photo opportunities, pirates and pumpkins, an old world feel.  I almost felt like I had been transported to the old Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land!  (Truly magical!)

Inside the theater the tables are numbered for the reservation you made when the tickets were purchased.  Ticket sales for Witchapalooza open on August 1st annually and sell out very quickly.  There are two options, a dinner theatre and a late night showing of the theatrical performance with no meal.  I must mention the food was outstanding: Fresh baked sour dough bread and a garden salad to begin.  Next the main course with a perfectly cooked chicken breast topped with a scrumptious cream base sauce, steamed garden vegetables, and rice pilaf.  The meal is concluded with a rich moist slice of Pumpkin Pie Cake topped with a generous portion of whipped cream and pumpkin pie seasoning.

The wait staff was outstanding!  Amazing service, very polite and dressed quite appropriate for the occasion.  (See photo to the left).

The performance last year was continued into the 2012 season, brought back by popular demand.  The Taming of the Brew is a splendid romantic comedy filled with variations of many popular songs The male performers taking on numerous roles throughout the evening showing off their enormous range of talent!  The women were extraordinary musical performers.  I was quite delighted with the evening as a whole.

After the conclusion of The Taming of the Brew cast members greet guests outside the Gathering Place for autographs and picture opportunities.  The majority of guests come dressed in their Witchiest Best most in beautiful dresses, scarfs, jewelry and hats.  Very few came in the traditional "Green Witch" gear.  Below are two of the few I was able to see throughout the evening. 

 As you make your way towards the South side of the village you can hear the beats of modern music playing through the speakers, lights decorate the trees, and in the center of the village a dance party like none I had ever experienced before!  Witches, witches EVERYWHERE!  The outside evening events were quite appropriate for family and children.  Witches Night Out is certain to be a beloved family tradition.

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