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Dreaming Strange Dreams....

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Do you remember your dreams often?  I do not.  The morning of December 12, I awoke from a very confusing dream filled with vivid images and components that seemed to be very significant as if my dream were trying to tell me something.  

I was trying to get into a conference center to photograph Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife while they were speaking to a young group of girls about high school age. 

The girls were dress designers and at a youth fashion design conference.  I was walking down a long hallway that curved.  Lining the hallway were dresses on the display mannequins, all different colors and styles. 

One dress stood out it was a one shoulder dress, black with a small white floral pattern and a flower above the chest made out of the same material of the dress.  In the center of the flower was a sparkling black jewel.  This dress was very impressive to me I walked over and touched the flower with just the tip of my pointer finger.  The petal portion of the flower was so soft and beautiful, and the jewel smooth and cold- the contrast of the two textures was overwhelmingly beautiful.  I began speaking with a girl next to me telling her my admiration for the dress.  "This is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen" Turns out she was the dress maker.  She led me to the small auditorium style room where Dog was going to speak.  It was going to be a bit so I went back outside to find my sister Leah and my sister-in-law MELISSA.  They were on the side of the building on the lower level when I found them.  They were a few feet below me down a grass hill,  in an out house style bathroom.  There was almost no space for them to move, and no walls separating them from each other, however the bathroom did have flushing toilets.  The outside of the outhouse was made of wooden boards, almost just like a wooden fence you would see around someone's yard.  It was a light oak and the wood was very warped and peeling, there was no roof, so anyone could see from above.  I yelled down to them that we have to Hurry because Dog is going to start speaking soon. 

There was a large group of photographers and reporters at the front door so I squeezed in between them and got back in, dragging my sisters behind me holding hands.  I knew that we had to hurry and the quickest way to get there was to jump over the receptionists desk and go down the center hall behind her desk which just so happened to lead right to the room we needed to get into.  After I jumped the desk the receptionist ran over from around the corner, and quickly came face to face with me, her eyes wide open and beady.  I was a bit surprised and told her:  "I'm so sorry ma'am, do we need to pay again?  I've already been through and paid but if I need to pay again I can I'm just in a huge hurry!"  She replied in a very urgent voice "Did you wash your hands?!"  I smiled and explained "I ALWAYS wash my hands".  She pulled out a bottle of hand sanitizer from behind her and was insistent that I sanitize, I did without hesitation.  When I looked back all the reporters were rushing into the building so I motioned them to come down the center hallway too... almost like I was directing traffic.  It was chaos!

 When I walked into the auditorium I saw Dog chatting with a few young girls I tried to take a few photos but my camera wasn't working!!!!  (Which is a huge deal for me!)  I played with the camera trying to get it to function.  The power kept shutting off, but when I checked the battery level it was full.  I was able to get it back on but when I would push the button to take the picture it wouldn't take any pictures.  I decided I had better hurry and get a seat, I looked around the auditorium.  There were a few seats but I noticed some very shady looking characters.  There were two men just a few bleachers up that were dressed in jeans, flannel shirts and puffy coat vests, and then the main of the three was sitting in front of the two younger men, and he was wearing an army green vest that looked like it was for hunting.  His hair was black as coal and he wore a goatee on his face.  The men acted very strange like they were trying to hide something.  I had a horrible feeling about them, so I chose to sit on the side on the floor and be as far away from them as possible.  Dog got up and spoke and it was good, although I don't remember anything he said.  A few times during his speech the man in the green vest became somewhat disruptive, but Dog just let it go.  I looked at my sister and asked what she thought about the men and how they were acting, she agreed with my suspicions.  Leah said "It's like they are trying to hide a big firearm on the bleacher below the two men and behind the one guy... like an illegal gun or something". We looked at each other, my sister-in-law and I both agreed. 
I became very frightened when Dog finished speaking.  Everyone (except the three men) applauded and the crowd began to break.  Dog's wife was speaking to a young girl with her back to me.  Dog stood just a few feet away from her, there was a type of booth in between them as if the wife were working the booth to sell t-shirts and promo items.  From the bleachers the man with the green vest rapidly stood, reached down and grabbed what looked like a huge rifle.  He looked so focused and determined as he made his way down the bleachers.  He looked at me for a second his eyes dark and scary, then back up towards Dog and his wife Beth.  He walked behind the booth and suddenly the gun separated as if it were pulled apart down the middle and became two swords. 
 I began screaming "DOG GET YOUR GUN.  DOG GET YOUR GUN!!!!"  I was in such panic and then shock as I saw the man put one sword up and slice down Beth's back, deep, leaving her opened up.  The other knife quickly moved to her neck as he sliced her open and she fell to her death.  I saw Dog's face and he jumped towards the killer.  As he was mid air the knives were magically turned back into a shotgun.  The killer pulled the trigger shot Dog with such power, throwing him back.  As Dog lay on the floor dead, Beth's body was suddenly next to his and now severed in half at the waist.  Blood everywhere.  The men stormed out of the auditorium while the few of us that remained were in a complete shock and truly terrified.  I began thinking of what I can do to try and stop her bleeding even though I knew she was already dead.  Suddenly the man with the gun came back in I crawled over to the booth and hid as he continued shooting people.  He came over to the booth and I crawled out of his view.  He walked around looking for me, each time I crawled into hiding.  Finally he left.  When it was all over my sister and sister-in-law were found hiding on the side of the bleachers crouched down, but completely safe.  My sister Leah said she knew who the shooter was.  He had been on the news as one of the worst criminals in our history. Dog had hunted him down and captured him.  The man had just been set free the day before.  (End dream).  
I awoke from this nightmare to see the clock about ready to sound the morning alarm.  I turned off the alarm and immediately wrote my dream down.  Fortunately for me I have access to a completely amazing Dream Expert who I will be asking for guidance on what the dream means and will follow up on this post with her answers.  Sweet dreams!

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  1. Dreams are amazing and beautiful and filled with messages about your life in the present time. Hope you find answers.