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Aaron Klein: "Let's Not Rule Out Satanism In Sandy Hook"

posted 1/23/2013 by the Salt City Sinner

"Investigative Journalism," just like Aaron Klein does!
Let's leave the indescribable recent news from Connecticut out of this as much as we can. What happened at Sandy Hook was beyond horrible, and to be quite honest, the events of that day - and the shooting deaths that have happened since - still are too angular and sharp for my mind to get a good grip on them. I suspect I have something to say about gun violence in America, but for now, I'm just quietly watching, trying to understand how things in this country have gone so terribly wrong.

Not so for self-described "investigative journalist" Aaron Klein!

Alex Jones' "Infowars" - tinfoil hat not included
Klein is an ultra-right-wing talk radio host and author of several splendid books filled to the brim with piping hot paranoid conspiracy yarns. He also is a frequent contributor to store-brand Stormfront imitator WND, your one-stop shop for Birther rants, white nationalism, and scare quotes around each and every use of the word gay (bonus "journalism" from WND - Obama is actually a big old queer flaming fag).

WND's favorite "investigative journalist" wasted no time figuring out where the real blame for the slaughter of twenty children lay.


Quoth Klein, champion of Truth:

Is Adam Lanza's reported devil worship a missing link that could help explain what motivated the Sandy Hook gunman to carry out the school house massacre? 
Was Lanza part of a larger Satanic or ritualistic subculture locally or online in which he could have revealed his plans or could have even received support in preparing for the killings?

Gee, Aaron, I don't know. I suppose he could have been involved in an online Satanic cult. Of course, using the same high standards of evidence and journalistic integrity that you demonstrate here*, he also could have been an avid reader/poster on WND, or a government patsy, or a Reptilian.

( * - Klein's impeccable research regarding Lanza and TH' DEBBIL consists of one single statement from "a former classmate of Lanza's" - keep in mind that Lanza was taken out of school at least five years ago, probably longer - that has not been independently verified by anyone. The "former classmate," a sniveling publicity hound named Trevor L. Todd, claimed that Lanza had a web site with the word SATAN printed in red Gothic font on a black background. Spoooo-ooooo-oooky!)

Aaron's not done yet, though, no sirree - he's just getting warmed up!

A quick note before we continue our fantastic journey down the rabbit hole of Christian paranoia and persecution complexes. It tickles me pinnk whenever WND cites one of it's own authors, favorites, or lackeys as "media giant," or "expert," or "exclusive," or - in this case - "radio host." From now on, I'm going to introduce my own posts by referring to myself as "World-Famous Sex Machine And Lady Pleaser." Anyway.


Law-enforcement authorities should investigate whether Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza is connected to any "radical devil-worshiping sects" locally or online, suggested reporter and radio talk-show host Aaron Klein. 
On his WABC Radio show Saturday night, Klein called for a federal devil worshiper watch list while advocating that the government monitor "radical domestic devil worshiping clans."

Let's pause for a moment here.

So WND, which has a full-blown, trouser-soiling crybaby meltdown at the very hint of government surveillance or overreach (hilarious examples here  here  here  oh, here  how about here  and  here ) wants the feds to crack down on neck-bearded, fedora-wearing Satanists.

Got it.

Look, folks, I was/am a person who at least venerates (but does not necessarily worship) spiritual principles and meta-deities that could be described as Satanic, or Luciferian, or whatever the term du jour is. Some of the best friends I made in my early college days were hard core Satanists of the Anton LaVey, not Alestair Crowley, variety.

To a one, they were charming, generous, good-hearted people.

This most recent round of scare-mongering reminds me a great deal of the American right wing's scare-mongering regarding Communism, a more or less dormant ideology believed in only by a few devoted ideologues. Communism, TH' DEBBIL, witchcraft, the "persecution of Christians" - how f*cking ridiculous are the boogeymen that these people keep bleating and whining about? What is this, the year 1900?

Adam Lanza was a very sick individual who flew completely under the radar of mental health professionals, law enforcement - hell, it seems he even slipped past the notice of most of his own family.

That's a scarier scenario than any half-baked devil worship fable that Aaron Klein or his ilk can cook up.

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