Monday, 13 May 2013

These Thin Skinned Christian Crybabies Would Like To Whine At You

posted on 5/13/2013 by the Salt City Sinner

"Wh-wh-why can't I force people to pray how I want?!"
The advent of video sharing online has led to many amazing things, from the humble  Arnold mash-up  to the lofty grumpy cat  smile video . It has also led many organizations – both those I loathe and those I love – to apparently scrap their marketing departments entirely and wallow in the gutter of “viral” videos. This is unfortunate.

Exhibit A: Anonymous. This crafty hacker anarcho-collective is savvy and fun-loving enough to  light up  the Westboro Baptist Church’s web presence like the world’s most obscene and hilarious Christmas tree. Happy face! Presented with the opportunity to make a video, however, their efforts quickly devolve into the standard puddle of internet  horribleness : the dramatic music, the silly logos, et cetera et cetera. Sad face!

If a web video call-to-arms induces chagrin when it comes from a source I quasi-like, you can imagine how I feel about this little treat from the starry-eyed youngsters (or, rather, their adult exploiters) at “Reach America”:

I’ve already  posted  a longer version of my thoughts on this subject than I plan on launching into here, but I’d like to complement my thought on those poor, persecuted American Christians with a few direct responses to the youngsters in the above video, because here at Salt City Sinner we care about the children, because the children are our future.

“Christianity is being completely frozen out of America.”

Yes, it must be hard to be a Christian in a country where over 80% of the population is Christian, along with every President, 95% of Congressmen, most Supreme Court Justices, and pretty much every elected official from dogcatcher on up. Life can be so cruel.

“Why can’t I pray in school?”

Newsflash, crybaby: you can!

"B-b-but you're making prayer PRIVATE and VOLUNTARY!"

You are free to pray the day away until your little knees are scrubbed raw!

What you CAN’T do, as a result of this weird relic you might have heard of called “the Constitution,” is force others to pray to your god. Again, life can be tough sometimes.

“Why do I have to tolerate people cursing MY god—“

You know what? I’m just going to stop you youngsters there.

When I attended Millcreek Junior High, lo those many years ago in the storied land of Bountiful, UT, I had thick spectacles, a bowl cut hairdo, and was 1 – 2 years younger than the other kids in my grade, which, when you are dealing with an age group wrestling with puberty, counts more than you might think. I was bullied MERCILESSLY – real bullying, as in knees to the face or groin, not fake, crybaby “bullying,” as in being cruelly deprived of the right to use the power of the State to force everybody to worship my deity of choice.

Apparently, modern Christians think bullying and persecution mean being unable to force everybody to think their way. For supposed freedom lovers and devotees of the marketplace of ideas, this seems like a pretty low threshold to induce whines and screams that they are being oppressed.

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