Wednesday, 26 August 2009

In Their Own Words

A wise man once coined the maxim de mortuis, nil nisi bonum, and we here at RedState have always made an effort to let even the death of even the most contemptible of our political foes pass without a word of criticism. - RS Insider, RedState, 11:45 AM EDT

*Pause for laughter*

I can’t say that I’ll miss him. He, to me, represented all that is wrong with Washington — a kingdom of nepotism and worship at the alter of failed liberal policies that get repeated ad infinitum...John Kerry is now the senior [Massachusetts] senator. God help that state. - Erick Erickson, RedState, 8:43 AM EDT

...Ted Kennedy, a man whose personal life ranged from alcoholism to debauchery to sexual harrassment to (sadly, uncharged) second-degree murder, and whose public career entailed the embrace of nearly every foolish, ruinous and cruel political idea of the past five decades... - Dan McLaughlin, RedState, 11:12 AM EDT

Insofar as he was a man of any religious faith at all, he was nominally a Catholic, a faith he besmirched repeatedly with the grave sin of scandal: a cornerstone of Kennedy’s entire public career centered upon using his position of leadership and prominence to present abortion (categorically defined by the Catholic church as a mortal) sin as good and normal, to say nothing of Kennedy’s many other failings which those who looked to him for example might follow. In the later stages of his career, Kennedy was not content to rest upon his laurels, but spent most of his time making the world safer for terrorists. - RS Insider, RedState, 11:45 AM EDT

UPDATE for the non-RS Krewe:

"Obese Womanizing Drunk Who Killed Young Woman in Alcohol-Related Accident Decades Ago And Who Spent His Career Increasing the Federal Deficit, Finally Dies" - Confederate Yankee, 7:10 AM

I don't like to use the word "treason." It is tossed around so casually these days by overly-inflamed people on both sides, and as a result, its use as an epithet has lost much of its sting.

I regret this today because it make sit that much harder to communicate the great disservice Edward Kennedy do [sic] to this nation... - Confederate Yankee, 11:15 AM

Someone emailed me a moment ago wondering how long it would take for Kennedy’s death to be politicized – specifically by the left...and “wouldn’t that be a dreadful and classless thing?” - Anchoress, 4:30 AM

...and thus:

[Regarding Kennedy's death]...we should all hope that the media and Democrats do not treat us to a nauseating political spectacle. - Dan Perrin, RedState, wrappin 'er up at 7:59 PM EDT

Stay classy, fellas.

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