Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Since Blogger's most recent renovations, I experienced what people call a "learning curve" (apparently) when it comes to properly formatting my posts. I have cracked the code now, and can actually make semi-legible posts with my crude amalgamation of Soviet-era spare parts and illegal, EPA-defying coal powered circuitry.

If I get sufficiently lazy (read: have enough time) I will go back and prettify the posts that have sucked and been ugly and picked last for kickball recently, but don't hold your breath.

NOTE: This does not effect current or future blogs. I will continue to post like my generative organs are caught in a wringer. Retconning my old posts, however, might take a little while.

Spasibo tovarish.

UPDATE: I am not an angry man, but suffice to say that the two or three posts that look wonky are staying wonky. The heck with it (as my fellow Utahns might say).

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