Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Gov Herbert's Response to Firework Ban Petition

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For the last few days several Utahns have been electronically signing a petition to ban fireworks in Utah due to the extreme high temperatures and overly dry conditions.  High winds are only escalating the fire issues which already exist.

After delivered the petition to Gov. Herbert, Tom Mills of received a response from Governor Herbert's office the following is an excerpt from the email:
"What we don't want to do is be like Congress," he said. "Congress is good at doing two things. One is nothing, and two is overreact. We don’t want to do that. Again, we want to do what is appropriate, measured and thoughtful. That's what we're doing. We're not going to overreact on that."

Governor Herbert is obviously more concerned with upsetting a few voters than with the health, safety and well being of ALL Utahns.  Herbert has recently been quoted several times as saying you "can't outlaw stupid" and as the Deseret News states:   calling again on Utahns to use common sense to prevent fires.


 Herbert, what would it take for YOU to use YOUR common sense?  Does your child's home have to burn down?  Do you have to have a personal connection to displacement or loss?  Please put yourself in the shoes of the thousands of Utah citizens (VOTERS) who have been displaced or experienced the loss of their home! 


  1. what a dumb ass

  2. well what do ya know- Colorado's Governor was willing to put himself out there and do the "right" thing. Herbert = utter failure!