Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Zero Democracy

posted 10/16/2012 by the Salt City Sinner

Think of me as a Tarot Card. I represent "Opportunities About To Arise."

They did some very interesting and downright inhumane experiments with rat colonies, Neville. 
They found when certain population limits are reached, all it takes is the addition of one extra rat... 
and the whole community slides into unstoppable chaos.

One little rat and Utopia turns into Rwanda.
So here we are, America. Two presidential debates down, and what more could possibly be at stake?

Two men in expensive and identical suits have engaged in a hideously pre-ordained set of talking points ( link ), focus groups engaged and "dial-polling" (thanks, Frank Luntz, you inhuman sack of excrement) purified.

Truly, this is the end of days, if popular culture is to be believed. The rise of pop-culture's embrace of the zombie apocalypse, the rise of survivalism since the 90s: everybody from your friendly local securalist to the frothing Jesus freak hoards seem to agree that the end is nigh, and with good reason.

Wages are down. Political power has become concentrated in the hands of a tiny class of plutocrats and technocrats worldwide, and "austerity" (read: rape the poor) measures in Europe have led to widespread popular revolts in Madrid, Athens, and elsewhere. They also have not led to the "economic recovery" promised by learned men (so-called "economists").

War has been openly declared. Are you willing to finally take sides?

To those of us living in poverty - to people genuinely trying to buy food, pay rent, raise children, obtain health care, etc. - there is no good option left.

Zero democracy.

One more rat.

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