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Joe Farah and Ray Comfort Prove Definitively That Jesus Is God

posted on 4/6/2014 by the Salt City Sinner

Sometimes a well-reasoned argument, in the hands of a skilled and compassionate conversant, can and does change minds – even lives.

While current psychological research shows that I have a better chance of lifting an X-Wing out of the swamps of Dagobah with the Force than I do of changing someone's mind with evidence and logic it is not technically impossible, and two lovable Evangelical knuckleheads have pulled off the not-technically-impossible.

Banana enthusiast Ray Comfort, via Old Testament prophet Joe Farah, has this completely sensical and provocative question for all of you wrongly-godded heathens:
Why do people use Jesus’ name when they curse? 
I'll wait for a moment while you clean your brains up off the wall and scoop them back into your head. Mind un-blown? Great! Let's continue:

The follow-up question is why – why Jesus’ name?  
lmost always the respondents are stumped. They don’t know.  
[In his video, Comfort] then asks [passers-by] if they ever use any other name in this way. Do they ever utter the name Muhammad as curse? How about Buddha? Or Allah? Or any other name considered holy by others? 
The answer is always no. 

In the interest of full disclosure, if I found myself buttonhooked by Ray (or his best buddy Kirk Cameron) for one of his little Gotcha Videos, I would be “stumped” by the question as well. Maybe flummoxed. Possibly gobsmacked.

Of course, I'm willing to bet that the fact that the United States is over 80% Christian, and that most of us grew up in a broadly Christian culture – if not an actual Christian home – might have something to do with it. I'd also bet that if Comfort played his little Jesus-flavored prank in a country that is NOT predominantly Christian, he might get different results.

Just rolling with Farah/Comfort's logic here, though, I'm wondering which variation on Jesus' name that I personally have used while swearing is most indicative of my secret Christianity. “Jesus Dogballs Christ?” “Jesus t*tty-f*cking Christ?” My good friend Kyland's beloved variation, “Jesus Skygod Christfather?” That last one has a certain ring to it, to be sure..

In this same column, Joe Farah repeats his previous SLAM DUNK PROOF that Jesus is Lord – namely, that the calendar we use is divided between Before Christ and Anno Domine. The fact that many different cultures use many different dating systems is obviously of no importance, keep moving, nothing to see here.

With this type of intellect at WND's helm, I can't wait for their hard-hitting investigative stories and scintillating opinion columns regarding stepping on a crack and breaking your mother's back.

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